History and Mission

The mission of Business School Ostrava plc is to increase the potential for success of motivated graduates so that they can assert themselves in the domestic as well as international markets and prepare ground for their further personal and career development. Business School Ostrava plc provides students with university education, entrepreneurial thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills demanded by the market and takes responsibility for the success of its graduates.

On the 29th of May 2000 Business School Ostrava plc received approval from The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports according to reg.no. 19787/2000-30 to act as a university style institution in the Czech Republic. Business School Ostrava plc offers university education in an accredited bachelor's study program and graduates are granted the academic title Bachelor of Arts.

The business plan titled "Business School Ostrava" was first formulated in 1990 when a group of university teachers went to Great Britain where they visited several business schools. Its vision was to create a market oriented faculty or school, offering professionally oriented education in the area of business and entrepreneurship, which would ensure a high likelihood of employability of graduates.

The main strategy for the realisation of the vision was the acquisition and training of teachers, who have not only theoretical, but chiefly practical skills. Furthermore, it was the creation of an entrepreneurial clinic, where both teachers and students could work on solving practical problems in business.

Since its establishment in 2000, Business School Ostrava plc has undergone great changes. In 2000/2001, the initial year of its existence, we had 172 students. Currently we have achived the number of over 3 000 students.

So far, we have successfully had 5 bachelor's study programs accredited. We have also acquired and reconstructed our own building according to European standards, for which we have received no financial contribution from the state. The management of the school observes the modern trends in tertiary education in the USA and Europe and honours three main principles of the development of education in the EU, i.e. openness, transparency and accessibility.