Research and Development

Research and development are among the significant activities of the Business School Ostrava plc (BSO). The basic theme of the scientific research activity is the enterprise, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit, which has been  addressed at the outset of BSO arises. This topic is dominant in The Long-Term Goals of an educational, scientific, research, development, and other creative activities  and The Strategy of BSO in research and development  for the period 2009-2013.


 Other topics that are addressed, in particular in the framework of programmes of the European Commission, regional programmes and the internal grants of school is the issues of the development of learning, education and the practice of linking competitiveness.


 Activities in the field of scientific and research activities organised by the Department of Research and Development, which is controlled by the Vice-Rector  for the management of research and development of the school. The Department of Research is responsible for increasing the research organisation of professional qualifications of teaching staff of the school, collects information about upcoming professional conferences and seminars in the Czech Republic and abroad, provides advice on the processing of projects and scientific research and professional activities.