Enterprises and Institutions

BSO plc offers:

  • - Publication of vacancies of the client on the website of the school and its premises (on the basis of supporting documents)
  • - Portfolio of potential employees-graduates BSO plc - for the purposes of meeting the demand for the staffing of the agreed contractual terms and conditions
  • - The use of school space for advertising and commercial activity of the client (on the basis of the previous discussion)
  • - The participation of experts in the teaching process client BSO plc (lectures, seminars, management diploma theses and, where appropriate, the management of the specialisation and qualification courses)
  • - Rental of rooms for the courses and training for Club prices.



 BSO plc welcomes the possibility of their promotion in the premises of the client, or on its websites. It is ready to participate in and to the other activities that will lead to a deepening of mutual beneficial cooperation.