Business Incubator

The Business Incubator IT is  focused on information technology and services related to grow in the object of the Institute for Business Development, which is currently undergoing of renovation. Our school has received a grant from an operational programme for Enterprise and Innovations at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the agency Czechinvest. Its aim is to build a device that will provide the premises and services for novice entrepreneurs. In particular, from among our students,  and external candidates. After the completion of the reconstruction cost of seven million crowns, the headquarters of the incubator offers more than 810 square meters space for businesses  and their full support. Emerging technology incubator, whose total cost exceeds  17 million crowns, in particular, to complement the theoretical part of a tutorial, which is part of the study programmes, and, with BSO, not certainly we can populate the expectations and needs of students who work to get you started your own business activities.