Bachelor´s Study Programme

Study programmes offered:

Bachelor study programme Economics and management

Full-time study

Study branches:
Entrepreneurship and management of business operations
Entrepreneurship and management of environment
Informatics and internet in entrepreneurship



Part-time study

Study branches:



Admission procedure, registration:
The requirement for being admitted to the bachelor study is the complete secondary education or secondary vocational education finished by the secondary school-leaving exam and the successful passing of the entrance proceeding. The application has to contain the study results of all secondary school years. In the case, when the results for the second half-year of the last year along with the secondary school leaving exam are not given, the applicant can document these during the entrance proceeding. The School does not require the doctor's certificate of evaluations of the student's state of health for the study. The entrance procedure consists of the oral interview.
The filled out application for the study (online or an application form SEVT 49 145 0) is sent by the applicant one week prior to the entrance procedure at the latest. The proof of payment of the administrative charge and the copy of the school leaving exam certified by a notary public are due to submit on the day of the entrance procedure at the latest.

Applicants who finished the accredited bachelor or master study programme can apply for the second cycle degree programme at Business School Ostrava, plc. Following the successful completion of the second cycle degree programme, the graduates are conferred a degree "Master of Science" (abbreviated as Ing.).

At Business School Ostrava, plc, the study branch Entrepreneurship is introduced in the second cycle degree programme Economics and management.
The requirement for passing the entrance examinations is the regular completion of the bachelor or master study programme. The regular completion of the study in the bachelor or master study programme is verified immediately prior to taking the entrance examination.


The applicants will document it by submitting the officially verified copy of the document proving the conferment of the academic degree "Bachelor" or the academic degree "Master of Science" or "Master". The foreigners will hand over the officially verified copy of the validation document of the education achieved (it does not concern the citizens of the Slovak Republic). The citizens of the Czech and Slovak Republic - the graduates of universities abroad will prove it in compliance with Act N.111/1998 Coll. by submitting the document of the recognition of the foreign university education and the qualification (the officially verified copy of the validation document of the university education achieved or the confirmation, which will prove that they applied for this document). In the case of being admitted to the study, they have to submit the officially verified copy of the validation document till 30.11.2006.


If there are any uncertainties or enquiries regarding the entrance procedure or study, please contact the Study Department:

E-mail: studijní

Tel: 595 228 110, 595 228 120, 595 228 130
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