Lifelong Learning

Dear readers,

Activities of the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Business School Ostrava plc are preparing educational programmes and modules according to specific requirements and wishes of the companies and institutions. Our target groups are also students and graduates of business schools and seniors. Instruction takes place in more than 10 cities of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, as a practical solution to the seminars with case studies, presentations, and training camps. We offer individual courses and courses leading to the development of a wide range of responsibilities including the language, the size of the groups that teach is different, most often from 3 to 10-15 participants.    


- Job placement courses

- Language courses

- Courses for seniors - 3rd Age University

- Training and seminars

- Preparatory courses for students



How are we going to meet your expectations, you come to verify you. You are invited not only to our website, but to our courses. In the case of your interest, you can log in immediately to the vacancies. Please send your questions to us at the mail